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Fine dosing - the fine art of bulk solids dosing

SST introduces on the German market a new brand of gravimetric micro feeders and powdering machines on the brand name MCPI Fine dosing.
Thanks to an exclusive principle of extraction, highly developed, Fine dosing system is creating new standards in term of accuracy, speed and flexibility.

How does this technology works?
Take a coin on a paper sheet, and move it with an alternate movement whom return speed is higher than forward way. You can see that the coin is moving to the right side of the sheet…
Movement is given by a mechanical mechanism working in oil bath, designed for long term operation with low maintenance needs.
Based on this principle; a full range of advanced feeders and solutions has been developed: loss-in-weight feeders, Micro feeders of high accuracy, powdering machines, multi heads volumetric feeders.

High accuracy micro feeder: Fine dosing SPA

These feeders are probably the first on the market to reach such levels of excellence in term of accuracy, short dosing time and flexibility.

The ingredient is dosed in a small swiveling bowl fitted on an accurate load cell. Sensitive parts as drive and scale are protected with a stainless steel housing. At the end of dosing stage the bowl rotates 180° respectively 360°. The ingredient is then emptied to the application point.

The integrated batch controller optimizes coarse and fine feeding with automatic tolerance control.
Fine dosing concept allows a ratio between coarse/ fine feeding flow over 50. This figure is a key point to reach fast and accurate dosing process.
With these feeders it is possible to dose for example 3 g of fine powder like flour, with a standard deviation of 0.03 g and a dosing time of 5 sec.

The design is made in agreement with drug and food industries requests: All surfaces are of high quality, parts in contact with product are easy to dismantle for optimal cleaning. Thanks to the limited stroke of the parts in movement (< 3 mm), feeder operation is safe for operators.

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Fine dosing Product programme