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solids solutions group

solids Weighing- and Metering-Technology

Taking out a certain quantity of material from a feed bin under control of a weighing unit and the transfer of this quantity to a downstream process is called gravimetric metering of batches. This has to be realized within a preset period of time at a preset velocity.

This process is oftenly jeopardized by the wide spectrum of bulk material properties and the usually unfavorable ambient conditions for the weighing process, in which the scale has to work properly.

The equipment necessary for metering is comprising the metering device, the scale and the pertinent control.

For optimum results these units must be compatible and have to be suitable for the bulk material and also for the ambient conditions. However, the function of this assembly depends also on the proper design of the process interfaces at the intake and the discharge.

Small components batches

  • rotary bowl scale
  • bin scale
  • loss-in weight scale
  • suction scale




Middle an large components batches

  • bin scale
  • suction scale
  • silo scale
  • big-bag scale




Dosing equipment

  • Dosing screws
  • Vibratory metering screws
  • Precision dosing devices
  • Micro feeders





  • dosing cabinet
  • bin scale
  • pipe loop scale








Loss-in-weight feeder

  • High-precision hybrid bin scale on a parallel guide bars system with mechanical tare compensation
  • Bin scale with direct induction of tare and net weight to the load cells