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solids solutions group

solids Complete silo installations

Bulk solids, produced or handled in a production process, have to be put on stock as a raw product, to be buffered as an intermediate product, or to be stored as a final product. The bulk solid has to be discharged from the storage bin and mostly forwarded to the downstream process by a mechanical conveyor. Special attention has to be paid to a suitable design of storage bin, discharge and conveying system, which have to be adapted to the bulk solid properties and the process requirements. Equally important is that all units fit together regarding the process technology.


We design and install your silo plant focussing on the following services: 

Taylor-made engineering:
with particular respect to site conditions, particular product properties and requirements of process and branch. 

Process design: including definition of the necessary flow profile:

Mass flow for „first in / first out“ and discharge without segregation

Core flow as a cheap solution beyond of special conditions

Piston flow for extremely gentle unloading atminimized particle degradation

Blending silo for homogenisation and conditioning 

Selection of the construction material: depending on material properties, requirements of process and branch. At disposal are:

  • Steel silos with or without plastic lining
  • Stainless steel silos 
  • Aluminium silos
  • Plastic silos - glass reinforced silo
  • Flexible silos

Silo equipment: Depending on product properties and process requirements, we design and supply:

  • Pneumatic silo filling devices
  • Dedusting filters
  • Safety valves
  • Level probes
  • Weighing equipment
  • Discharge aids
  • Shut-off valves
  • Dosing and conveying units
  • Telescopic silo unloading chutes

Local assembly and installation ready for start-up:
Our skilled specialists install all equipments on site including instrumentation and electrical cabling.