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solids solutions group

solids Installations & Systems

- For every product and every task the beneficial system

  • solids Fly Pneu Classic dilute phase conveying for suction- or pressure-conveying
  • solids Fluid Pneu and Step Pneu Push conveying systems for powders and granulates
  • solids Split Pneu Dense phase conveying systems for demanding bulk solids
  • solids Puls Pneu Low velocity conveying systems for sensitive and abrasive products
  • solids Vibro Puls Pneu Plug conveying systems for cohesive, damp, sticky products and blends
  • solids Vacu Fill Vaccum batch conveyor systems for dusts, granulates and fibres
  • solids Vacu Dense Vacuum plug conveying systems for slow and gentle suction conveying
  • solids Truck Discharge Low velocity conveying with bypass, impulse valve and relay stations

- The complete programme for every accuracy

  • Bin Scale and Flex Scale Metering of batches with bin scale, made of metal or rubber, directly on load cells or hybridly with tare compensation on parallel guide bars system
  • Giro Scale Metering of small components with rotary bowl scale and Preci Dos precision dosing equipments
  • Diff Dos Continuous metering with loss-in-weight scales
  • Vacu Scale Vacuum scales for the generation of  large and small components batches
  • Pressure Scale Conveyor for feeding blenders, feeding reactors, feeding dissolving tanks etc. with weighed batches

- Individually projected and completely equipped in steel, stainless steel, aluminium, GRP for

  • Core flow The well-priced silo beyond of special conditions
  • Mass flow Dimensioned and equipped for „first in / first out“, residuelessly and discharge without segregation
  • Piston flow Gentle filling and unloading for susceptible to abrasion and pressure-sensitive products
  • Blending silos Equipped with fluidisation /  fluidised bed bottom for the homogenisation and blending of  bulk solids which can be aerated

- User-friendly also for non-IT-specialists

  • PCP-Transport-processor for the controling of pneumatic conveying systems
  • WDP-Metering-processor for the controling of weighing / metering systems
  • Vario-Batch-processor for the managing of recipes and batch processes
  • WinCC Visulisation for the demonstration of process cycles
  • PLC-systems for the controling of process cycles

- Non-interfaced integrated storage-, conveying-, metering- and automation-systems 

  • Comprehending of task and target
  • Analysis of raw material and intermediate goods regarding quality and flow behaviour
  • Conception of complete process-solutions
  • Engineering completely with process engineering, machine process technology and automation
  • Manufacturing and delivery of the whole equipment
  • Assembling mechanical and electrical, commissioning, instruction and support of the operational staff
  • „Full Service“ all around-the-clock