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DosiergeräteDosing equipmentÉquipements pour dosageDispositivos de dosificación
solids solutions group

solids Dosing equipment

1. Filling the metering unit, resp. drawing product from store
2. Discharging the metering device, e.g. chambers, pockets, or cells, and supplying a fixed product quantity to the downstream process.

The objectives are a high volumetric metering accuracy, as well as continuity and reproducibility. Ideally, this objective is achieved by 100% filling and then 100% discharging isolated metering units.

Typical volumetric metering devices:

  • Rotary airlock
  • Micro-metering airlock
  • Metering screws
  • Vibratory metering screws with hoppers
  • PreciDos precision metering device
  • Scraper-equipped rotary airlocks



Detailed specifications can be found in the DATASHEETS

Rotary Valves Type ZRS

Dosing rotary valve, low pulsation where applicable with plenty pockets rotor, ideal for products wich are tending to extreme flow.


Rotary Valves Type ZRS

Microfeeding Rotary Valve Type MDS

Pulsationfree dosing of products, which are tending to extreme flow or sticking, with high accuracy, for low and lowest capacities.


Microfeeding Rotary Valve Type MDS


Datasheet Microfeeding Rotary Valve MDS-Basic

High precision micro feeders

with rotating bowl scale for minimum-sized components, high accuracy and liability up to +- 0,05g, easy and flexible operation


Fine dosing High precision micro feeders 

Case study Fine dosing Micro feeder

Case study Fine dosing Micro feeder SPAc

Linear Powdering machine

Realising of sprinklings on the width of the machine with good distribution profile and with a large flexibility



Fine dosing Linear powdering machine

Case study Fine dosing linear powdering machine

Multi-heads feeders

Concurrently, quickly and precisely dosing of the same feed material on multi heads


Multi-Heads feeders

Case study Fine dosing multi-heads feeders

Dosing Screw Type DSC

Dosing with high accuracy and constancy, all-purpose, horizontal or diagonal, measurement fabrication.


Dosing Screw Type DSC


Datasheet Dosing Screw DSC-Basic


Datasheet Dosing Screw DSC-Clean


Datasheet Dosing Screw Batch DSCB-Basic


Datasheet Dosing Screw Batch DSCB-Clean

Dosing screw Type DSC-Hygienic

Dosing screw with high precision, design acc. to EHEDG-Guidelines for maximal production hygiene, with Europe-Patent protection

Dosing screw Type DSC-Hygienic


Datasheet Dosing Screw DSC-Hygienic


Datasheet Dosing Screw Batch DSCB-Hygienic

Precision Dosing Equipments for PreciDos Type DSA

Dosing with highest accuracy, easy removable, easy to clean, suitable also for lowest capacities. 

Play video

Precision Dosing Equipments for PreciDos Type DSA

Datasheet Precision Dosing Equipment PreciDos DSA-Clean