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solids solutions group

Technical rubber

Mixer loading out of containers

  • Container emptying station with vibration system for safe product discharge, dust-tight docking system, sensor system acc. Safety requirements for safe container detection, empty indicator for container change, dosing into the pneumatic suction conveying system
  • Container emptying station with platform scale, impact protection, centering aid and manual suction dosing
  • Solids Vacu Fill suction conveying system for transport to the mixer
  • Container filling station with platform scale, impact protection, centering aid, sensor for container detection, dust-tight docking system with flow-lock



Mixer loading out of containers

Highly accurate agitator feeding with

  • solids big bag emptying station with tumble device for the discharge of highly cohesive raw material and dust-free docking station with clamping device
  • solids Sack emptying station with integrated filter, empty sack compression, sack lifter and vibration bin for the safe discharge of cohesive raw material
  • solids VacuDense vacuum plug conveying system for low-wear pneumatic transport via separate lines in star-shape arranged dosing hoppers
  • Highly accurate dosing with vibro screw into rotating bowl scale
  • Metered delivery to the agitator bin by rotary valves with quick cleaning
  • Liquid dosage by mass flow meter and dosing valve
  • Process control with recipe preparation, administration / SCADA
  • Operation of installation with
  • WIN-CC-visualisation



Highly accurate agitator feeding

Automatic filling of rubber kneaders

  • Rubber portions by weighing belt
  • Gentle conveying of pelletised carbon black and silica by solids Pulse-Pneu
  • Feeding and metering of the fill materials with suction scale
  • metering the liquid components in metering cabinet
  • Complete process automation with solids Vario-Batch including kneader control


Automatic Feed of Rubber Kneaders


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